The Miniature of Siparti 3-S: KSM Sibermas in the Urban Poverty Project in Kelurahan Tlogomas, Kecamatan Lowokwaru, Malang, Indonesia (J)


Fakulty of Economics

Universitas Negeri Malang




The miniature presented here is the synthesis of how the Siparti 3-S as an approach and practice in dealing with the community empowerment under the UPP (Urban Poverty Project) in Indonesia. The notion of Siparti 3-S as an approach was applied specifically to build and operate a KSM in a kelurahan area in the year of 2000 – 2001 of UPP1 second phase. The practice of how Siparti 3-S applied through the KSM Sibermas project was inspired and motivated by the previous successful of the author’s project in executing a training program for the retrenched tertiary graduates who had lost their jobs due to the financial crisis during 1998, under the project was known as P3T – Proyek Penanggulangan Pengangguran Pekerja Terampil (Skilled Workers Unemployment Project). Utilization of waste materials to produce sound economic and environmental-friendly products was the theme of project run by KSM Sibermas. Based on the field experience of the author and members of KSM Sibermas in accomplishing the project, found that the Siparti 3-S was effective in building synergistically the three main resources, namely: human (the training participants), nature & environment (waste materials & garbage dump), and social-culture (the mindset and the behavior toward handling waste materials). 

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