Analysis Influence Exchange Rates and Exports on Economic Growth in Indonesia (J)

Lilis R. Doloksaribu1,

Sugeng Hadi Utomo2

Fakulty of Economics

Universitas Negeri Malang


Abstract: The purpose of this research to know an Influence exchange rates on economic growth in Indonesia, Export influence on economic growth in Indonesia and Influence exchange rates and exports on economic growth  in  Indonesia. Data  obtained from  statistic  Bank  Indonesia  from  2005-2014. This  research  using quantitative descriptive with an analysis multiple linear. The result 1) depreciation currency increase their export dommestic prices of other comodities because cheaper and export will  affect economic growth through foreign exchange, 2) increase exports hence able to increase economic growth, 3) exchange rates and exports influential simultaneously on economic growth.

Keywords: Exchange rates, exports, economic growth

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